super subtraction statgies

Super subtraction statgies

This past to weeks we have been doing strategies to help with subtraction and these are strategies to help us with subtraction

-making zero

-space invaders
-place value target 100
-regrouping algorithms
-flip flops
-jump statgies counting on/back

-check subtraction by adding

– the biggest nummber goes first

My new learning is pretty much every thing but the main thing that I struggled with was the addition and subtraction familys.


week one

This week in maths we have been learning about angles and what types of angles there are. There is acute which is less than 90o degrees, right angle is exactly 90o degrees and obtuse is greater than 90o degrees but not as great as 180o degrees. We drew these angles to find out what degrees they were.


We lerned about what types of triangles there are. There are scalene triangles where all angles are different, isosceles triangles which has two sides the same and one is not the same. equilateral triangle are all the same and equal and all equal 60 degrees.  All triangles equal up to 180 degrees.