Banjo Paterson biography

This is a biography of banjo Paterson we were learning about bygone era so we thought about an Aussie great Banjo Paterson.

Excuse me Captain cook who discovered Australia first?

Excuse me Captain cook who did discovered Australia first?

Well not you! It was in this order; About 50,000 years ago the aborigines discovered it, then China in the 1400’s, the Portuguese in the 1500’s, Dutch in the 1600’s and then Captain cook was a bit later in the 1700’s.
The Portuguese made a big mistake by sailing right past Australia. The Chinese went to Australia to trade spices and herbs for other goods and the Dutch went along the border but after a little while they thought it was another country.

The Aboriginals came to Australia from Asia by rafts, they have dark skin and loved to draw rock paintings about how time changed. They also like to tell and pass on old stories and myths.

The Chinese came to Australia in the 1400’s to trade spices and herbs for other goods. Scientists discovered this because they left a Ming statue behind and they put a chemical on it which tells them how long it had been there for.

The Portuguese
The Portuguese came in the 1500’s. One of the Portuguese ships sailed past Indonesia and the other ship thought that Australia was part of Indonesia so the Portuguese sailed right past our country.

The Dutch
The Dutch sailed around the top of Australia thinking not to claim it because they thought it was part of another country.

Captain cook
Captain cook set sail in 1768 on the 26th of August which was off an English harbour. The harbour was called Plymouth Harbour. He set sail to to the South Seas to observe the Transit of Venus and to secretly search for the unknown Great Southern land.

Well, now that I have explained it to you, it is clear that Captain Cook did not discovered Australia. First the Chinese,Dutch,Portuguese and the aboriginals all found parts of Australia but did not claim it because Captain Cook beat them. I found out that Captain Cook did not discover Australia first. But I am glad he claimed it for the British empire because I like the language I use.