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This page is going to be where I post the work that I am most proud of.


I am proud of this compose rose because at the start I really struggled. I felt helpless because I thought it was to hard but I persisted and it ended out fabulous that, is why I choose this piece of art.

This is a post of the book  Out Of My Mind. I am proud of this because I have lernt how difficult it is when you have a disability. So we lernt a lesson to live your life while  you can because sometimes life is not fair but you should still be great full for what you have. So we decided to pick a life motto to life by so you can see how lucky we actually are when things get tough.we also did some research on cerebral palsy because that is what the girl named melodie has.





I have decided to post this short multiplication game that that we have been playing lately. It is really fun and I would recommend it to grade 3 and up it is a great exercise

and I am so proud of myself for getting them all right.













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