Week 4 My disability

Today I have discovered that I have many disabilities and so do you. We have lernt nobody is perfect which we discovered  by a book called “Out Of My Mind”. In the book there is a girl called Melody who has explained in the book how hard it is when you have a saviour disability. I would also recommend this book to anyone who likes an interesting story that hooks you in straight away.


Week 2 Term 4

this week we have been learning about perstance! I am starting to get a really good understanding of perstance.That is really good for me because I have never really liked doing work and sometimes it is too hard and I give up. I think it is too hard and not my problem. Now I understand how important it is to not give up you can do it!image

Week 1 Term 4 Day and Night!!!

First week and we are already straight into it. This week we have been learning about day and night! I have already lernt that the earth rotates and the sun stays in the one spot, even though it looks like the sun is  moving! It is us, we spin 360 degrees. We only have day and night because one of the earths half is facing the sun so the other half is reciving no light. Continue reading

CRAZY SHOES AND SOCK DAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

TODAY is Wednesday and also CRAZY SHOE AND SOCK DAY !!!!!!!!!

The school has decided to have a crazy shoes and sock day because we are doing it as part as our  walk to school program. We decided to do this because it is part of  health and as part of our  walk to school program.The boys winner of my class was Blake and the girl winner of my class was Nora.